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My wife Toni and I live in the beautiful Catskill mountains, where we love to spend time with family & friends. I enjoy working in the gardens,reading, hanging out at the lake and enjoying the bounty of our lives. In 2007 I started my own business and named it after our dog Spencer. "Life's been good to me so far"

Monday, July 6, 2009

If a tree falls in the woods...

So, I'm mowing the back forty on my tractor when I see a branch fall out of the corner of my eye. Turns out it wasn't just a branch but a 100 ft. oak tree. We had 13 inches of rain in June and the tree was came out of the ground roots and all. My father-in-law said the tree was well over a hundred years old.
It went from across the brook to within eight foot of the pool.
My neighbors came running out because they were sure I was under the tree.
My angels were with me.
Bad news I had a big mess to clean up, the good news is I have a bridge across the brook.

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